A walk in the snow



we shall go out walking in the snow with

the moon hanging low far

away above the city turn

three lefts then walk straight with

five, six, seven lamps we pass by


all the way down the snowy street down

to the place where the snow is

thicker than the grass, than the trees

than the houses then we

shall imprint our foot prints on

the snow with a solemn heart to

leave a mark is profound above

the grass, the trees and the houses


but once you said do not disturb the snow

do not disturb the snow

then shaking, we

shall stand still holding hands become

still like the snow on the ground we

shall become snow on the ground and

wait for our old marks to be erased

shall we?

give the snow our most

sincere regards


we shall travel to somewhere

unknown somewhere

with strange cars and rivers across

two bridges and a dock somewhere

where the sea might be near by and we

might or might not visit the sea


from a stream of flash light we

peak through the slit

all that we see are all we

see follow the three stars that

line up on the sky the

belt of a mystic myth in the North or South

or West or East

we shall go on, go far, and

keep the pace steady we

shall, count from one to sixty-six to

two hundred and seventy-five to

eight thousand three hundred and fifty-two to

seven six five four three two one we

shall sink below the horizon and emerge

on the other side