the revelation



How can we forget about time

The constant falling of rustling sands

The buried and the to be buried

Discover then undiscover


And this, this is important

We must not forget those that are yet to happen

Future, the future

It’s the present in line

The words unsaid, songs unsung

We must not forget


And light, from the front from the back

We must not forget

How can we ignore the small tongue of flame

Burning so dedicatedly to give light

The sight of yellow and orange

Yellow and orange that spread themselves in the air

The air that we breathe

In and out


Every day we pace to and fro

Doors open and doors closed

Facing opposite to the destination

We walk forward then step backward

The pendulum that hang behind the glass

The pendulum that hang behind the chest

We pace slower each time they sway

To and fro, to and fro


I hear it, do you hear it?

The revelation will come

I remember it already came


It’s ink on paper that crosses so many blanks

A crown be worn for the lightlessness that deserves a celebration

They came to answer the unanswered

For a day’s time to devote to the devoted

To attain the unattainable and to alter the unalterable

The gatherer gathers the gathered


We hit play, then let the cassette roll fast

If it wasn’t for the memorial of the past losses

It must be for the time after time, all the encounters that happened late at night

The rewinding of the tape refuses to replay again

So we are forced to recall

To recall what we should have remembered

To recall what should have never been forgotten

Things that will happen again

For they have never happened

And people that we will meet again

For we have never ever met