My dear and dearest




you must not believe

the lukewarm words from

my lips or the lack of intensity from

my grips I’ve always been a great

player in hide and seek



look deeply into the bottom of

my eyes and search for the

faintest sign of a sparkle for that

is the littlest, most delicately formed diamond

of admiration, adoration

and passion that is shining specifically

for  you and for you only


The rush of blood to my cheeks shall not lie

I am not at all forward or brave


For I believe

if I hold you firm I’d get burnt

burst into a moaning flame and let out

black fume made of pure

thirst and joy

my head my tongue my most

intimate sensations

fantastically floating in the forest of scent from your

body glands


For I do not understand myself even

why such a strong will to be caged

captured and chained under that

heavy frame of yours

Enraged! Intertwined!


Only if I were

to be given a chance to

get burn and be burnt


picking me up and putting me down like I

weigh nothing but a

dead leaf

I shall happily crack and crumble under

you with no regrets at all