A poem to you



would you come with me

come with me for a beautiful sunset

where shooting stars can turn into fireflies

and they dance around us when we

lay side by side deep into the woods

with nothing but the milky way above us

(tugging us in with shimmering starlight)

nothing but thick grass beneath us

(leaving green stains on our shirts)


do you believe

in the grand nature’s magics and miracles?

because  I’ve seen

butterflies kiss fallen flowers on the cheeks

and I’ve seen

wind hugging wounded trees like when lovers meet

so don’t you want to see

if there would be a

rainbow waiting at the end of our trip?


you should come with me

together we will take an expedition

in a land we have both never been before

that birds chirp in seven different languages

and the season changes five times a year

we will be holding sunlight like

crystallite in our open palms


would you come with me?

my heart is thumping

pumping warm blood through my veins

(can’t you hear how loud it is,

can’t you smell the smell of my blood stream,

my love? I am so close to you)

I promise the heat you feel from my skin is real

I want no death from you but only a rebirth

to be able to trust again


come, come to me now

and come with me

to jump down a rabbit hole

to ride on a whale’s back in a hurricane

together we will be

sound asleep in thunders

dreaming through the anger of the giant

and we will be

wide awake

(the wildest pair in the wild)

when the whole world goes off to rest in

the quietest time of the night