dRunk poem



21:35   08.28.2015   Friday


It will be great for moon sailing tonight

Where we will be in the sky high up till we almost reach the moon

Casting giant human shadows on the earth

But we are not flying

Or sailing

What are travelling upwards are the fire sparks

Rise fast and die fast

I might enjoy being a fire spark

Being all bright and uplifting

Having fourteen eyeballs rising together with me and end up at the cool dark blue sky

Dark blue sky with no stars but a very large bright moon

Very dark sky and very bright moon

The perfect roundness in infinity

The drunk me is a sparkle me

Sparkling and rising yet heavy at the same time

Heavy because of the heartbeat

A large heart beating powerfully in a large chest

My legs are burning and itching

I feel like an abandoned puppet miserably seeing my legs catching fire

The mosquito bite from two weeks ago are itching in empathy

I must end the scratching for I’m destined for something greater

I’m not liked as a drunken spark

I am clingy and purple and warm in face cold in body light hearted and heavy bodied

I am sticky and puky and melty and just squishy and softy

I was informed of an upcoming Milky Way tonight

But ten thousand other people are gonna be up and watching as well

It will be too noisy and too crowded for such an awakening night

I’m not prepared for that

I’m not at least prepared for that

I’m not prepared for all the laughter and amazements

Not even when I can’t see them

Not even when I’m drunk

It should be only me under the Milky Way

The only person awake under the brilliant sky

People are still toasting marshmallows while I’m dreaming about my dream

My face as hot as the burning flame

While the flame slowly dries out my eyes

My eyes are now dry as a dead fish’s eyes

Flat and dead and flat and dead

My heart is still beating fast which is a sign that I’m still alive

They won’t be beating any more once I’m dead

So they better be beating real hard while they still can

I’m not sure if I’m up to join the crowd

All the talks and words and questions and songs

Chocolaté chocolaté one woman keeps saying

Chocolaté Chocolaté I feel like inside

I am spinning and spinning and so pinned on the chair

I am so heavy and heavy and my butt is on fire

I am a slob a blob a lobster a chalk

I am wearing black and it’s just too hot it’s too hot

Everyone’s drunk

Weird laughter hen awkward silence then drunken silence fills the air

Who is cold I wonder?

I’ve got all the warmth of the world

The earth beneath us and sky still safely above

I am the greatest man alive and awake

Of all human races I am the sugar cinnamon roll

I feel sweet and happy and ready to roll

I just wanna laugh and go crazy

I have to move fast so I catch up with my mind

My mouth can’t help but stretch into a big grin

I haven’t been sad for all day and that’s rare

Amazing but rare so it’s a good thing a good thing indeed

“And just”, “And just”, and I just and just I want to say so

Oh how British I feel I am an ancient old men with eyes like eagles and arms spread wide

Like a loon like a moon like something like a little kettle

Screaming and screaming and whatever the word is like insane like insane

I’m still around definitely around

A coyote or what ever however it should be spelled

They are gonna swim in their clothes

The crazy thought I had twenty minutes ago

But I’m too sober for that too warm to be cold

I’m gonna be the sane one that chip ice put of their limbs

I’m always the sane one among the insane

I’m always the dry one within the wet

Isn’t it crazy that I’m never one of those

That jump off a cliff or pretend to be a cat

All I’ve got is my mind

My body’s decaying and stiff and stuck

I hate being ordinary yet I am one

I hate being dad but I mostly am

How fun it would be to be over the trees

To sing freely like a bird and to jump free like a deer

True genuine laughter will never come out of me

My lung is a broken vent that blow out horrible dying wind

Now I’m back to my normal state and I’m glad

No one shall be speaking and no one shall be intervene

I didn’t know how to spell intervene

My heart might be singing but I have no lyrics

Or melody or a rhyme or anything at sight

What’s happening now?

There’s nobody but me and my boring little soul that’s talking to me

Talking tot me and talking to me like insane

And talking to me and talking to me like it’s never gonna end

The moon is full now it wasn’t full before

It’s round like nothing’s been round before

It’s there like nothing’s there before

They were though

We just can’t see them clear enough

My head is pounding and I just want to stick my tongue out

Like a dog a hot dog a very hot dog

My tongue is out and I’m like a dog

Tonight is nice and cold

I don’t know how to join

To merge to immerse to be absorbed

It sounded like dead people struggling to get on shore the other night

When I was standing on a rock beside the lake at night

It was yesterday but seems to be so long ago

I am just not the kind

I am just not the kind

What is happening I don’t know

Mermaids are not real that I know

Werewolves are not out tonight that I know

I am the only wolf here tonight

I am the only spirit out here tonight

I should puke and shiver tonight

I should puke and shiver tonight

I love how everything ends in tonight tonight

Tonight tonight tonight tonight

Tonight tonight tonight tonight

I can fill the whole page with tonight but that’s not fair for all the other nights

Tomorrow night or yesterday’s night

Next year’s night or last year’s night

I am I am I am

I was I was I was

Crazy crazy crazy

I’m cold

Please stop please stop and restart

Shut up shut up shut up and meow

Meow like a cat

A cat called blue a blue cat once and still indeed

Once and still indeed

Oh how once and still indeed

How once and still indeed

Everything is once and still indeed

Yes everything indeed indeed

Indeed indeed

Do I sense an end or do I sense something else

I always hear reading when I am writing

My voice or somebody else’s voice

Talking about magic about magical things

Are you envious or are you pleased

Do you have hair blocking your face

The world is splitting in half

Half floating and half drown

Half hot and half cold

Half ordinary and half not

Something and something not

It is but it is not

Please please please please

Be everything all at once

And nothing at no times

All is one and one is all

For the moon is still shining tonight

For no worries the fire is still on

For no worries because we are still one

The song is not far away yet

Our hearts are not dying out yet

I can definitely sleep now

In my dream and it’s going to be a wild wild dream

With knocking doors and such

With black framed glasses and such

I shall drown now I really shall

I rarely shall but now I really shall

Deep asleep at the riverbed

With fish swim above my face and dance

My head will be resting on top of a star

A star beneath the sea for sure

A star fallen from the sky for me for sure

I am a star fallen from the sky for sure

Oh how surely I was a star for sure

The brightest one once in the sky

The brightest one the brightest one

Shining down like a god a goddess

A goddess high up above all

I am a goddess I am

A goddess a goddess and I should stop

The wildest dream I’ve ever had