her pores large her thick layer of

foundation oily and shiny her

pimples bulging texture on her

skin and that patchy layer of makeup could

not hide it not at all and I

know how the little mountains looked

like without makeup from

the times that she did not wear any makeup


only her eyes remained the same brownness a

very dull brown indeed the same


and I know that her pussy must

be hairy and nasty with

chunks of dried fluids caught

in the prickly twined hair that had

grown out from the last time she

shaved must have been licked over

and over by a woman, a man, and

another woman or another

man from the way she talked

about sex about vaginas and

dicks and talked about vaginas


she said to make love to me right

now and she dropped her hat and she

dropped her hat to make love


intense as her purple with red

dress subtle as her evanescent scent her

curious infidelic acts and desires


I noticed that her lips were chapped with the fluorescent red

lipstick that she wore on her lips


she must have cringed cried

out my god somewhere to someone in the

middle of the act but I don’t know where because I’ve

seen her up close and I never

heard and she never cried but I

looked around and couldn’t figure

out where was that somewhere and I

couldn’t smell her any more because the

wind had stopped blowing and she had

left with that body of hers tightly wrapped in her dress that

wrapped that body of hers tight


your unwashed armpit scent stang my eyes so fuck off! I yelled

to her to fuck off so fuck off!