If I hush my voice can you hear me?


Don’t stop talking I’m listening.

I am listening so talk to me, talk to me more.

I want to hear more before I try.


In what language should I speak so you can understand?

Should I simply say hi or start with a poem?

If I don’t do the same as you will you understand?


Can raised volume be heard clearer?

Then why when I used to yell no one ever looked back?

I was afraid of the air because I couldn’t penetrate it.

I was afraid one day it’s going to suffocate me and I couldn’t make a noise.

It could drown me like a finless fish.


If I open my mouth will you look into my eyes?

If I move my lips will yours move as well?

I hope you don’t run away.

Sometimes when I try to talk I have to be so careful.

Because I know you don’t know if breeze or hurricane will come out of my mouth.

Are you afraid that I will blow you away?

My mouth is not a cave nor hell and I speak no thunder.


I wish you listened when I tried to speak.

I wish you looked back when I was left behind.

You would have found me, get me out of the sea.

But now it’s too late.

The water around me finally crushes in.