I was walking with two people on the road,

at one point I thought I was walking with

        two shadows.

they became absorbed and distanced like

        the rest.

It felt like walking alone but was it the same?

Only by the flickering light that

shone through their edges could I know that

some shadows weren’t shadows; that

some shadows have depth thick as flesh and bones; that

some shadows are beings with forms

        like me.

But besides my mind there really wasn’t anything else to

draw the lines between a human and a

        counterpart of light.



I walked along the edge of a park,

casting a giant shadow of me on the lawn beneath.

The shadow moved as I moved,

synced with my pace, a

         perfect companionship.

I felt grand in a

disproportional way.

I knew that I wasn’t

         as big.

Glad I felt that

shadow bore no weight, so

the ground wouldn’t

         tremble when

                  I walk.



Every time I stand high at an edge,

I look down and think

          “what if I jump now?”

Not for anything but merely to

prove that my life isn’t destined,

if I weren’t destined to die falling off tonight.

         As if I knew what I was destined to do.



Looking up at the stars

that shine so discreetly,

being overshadowed so completely,

         I felt dizzy.

Rising up to match with them yet

falling fast back down to earth.

Stretched long and thin,

somewhere in between

                  floating and being stuck,

I, too,

became another

shivering, quivering,

eliminated tormented,

sublimed uplifting drowning.


An ordinary ephemeral soul.